4 Step Plan to Find and Marry a Rich Man

Money doesn’t automatically bring happiness, but neither does being poor. So everything else being equal, you’re better off marry a rich man than a poor or average one as you’ll have more options for yourself, send your kids to a better college and live a fuller lifestyle. But rich and successful men are a rare commodity, competition is high and getting yourself a rich husband requires work, time and a good strategy. You need a plan.

And I’m not just talking about millionaires, factory owners and superstars. You can be happy with a guy who started from scratch but built his own fortune through skill and hard work and who knows how to manage his money, not necessarily someone who was born rich. Doctors, engineers, upscale techie guys all make good rich husbands and good providers.

It is vital to be prepared before you actually meet a potential rich spouse. You want to look (and smell) your best, you want to present a good and caring personality, a girl that he’ll be happy to bring home and show to his momma. So here’s my four-step plan on finding and marrying a rich husband.

Step One – Physically Prepare Yourself
Rich men are attracted to same qualities in women as all other men, but they are more picky because they have more options. So you need to step it up and get your body in top shape, exercise daily, eat healthy and always be clean and well groomed. You want to project picture of health and beauty, you want to be one person in the crowd that everyone will notice. Wear something noticeable but not flashy. Depending on the shape you’re in now, you might need to spend up to 6 months to get yourself in “supermodel” shape but the rewards are worth it.

Step Two – Work on Your Social Skills And Personality.
There are plenty of books and courses on conversation skills, psychology, body language. Basically you want them to feel relaxed and comfortable around you. To get into their minds, try and find a pickup guide for guys so you’ll know more about how they think or at least be able to recognize when he attempts a “textbook” move. You want to be prepared for the moment when you actually find a rich man, you want to have the net ready and catch him. You want to have a job, any job, you do not want to look like a slacker or gold digger who will always be a burden to him.
One place where rich bachelors seek potential wives is on specialized dating sites for rich men. Typically the ratio on these sites is 4 women to one man but if you’re prepared you will stand above the competition. Key to succeeding on online dating is to invest work in your profile. Put on lots of pictures of yourself looking cute and classy, ideally also a few pictures of you volunteering at a charity event with appropriate comments. Make sure you also have a webcam and can video-chat live with potential mate (so he can see what you actually look like). These sites typically charge men for access, just enough to drive away the cheap ones so you know you’re talking with a potential wealthy husband. Some also offer a service of “verified millionaire” where the site owners will verify financials of their clients. You can use it to browse the membership base and get a feel of the kind of people you’ll be meeting, or with a little work you can find yourself a rich husband right there!

Should You Invest in Custom Wedding Rings

One of the most important choices that you need to make before marrying the love of your life is regarding the rings that symbolise your commitment for one another. If you were to invest in custom rings, you would probably be very happy with the choice that you have made. Let’s find out why custom wedding rings are going to make you feel more special than any of the available rings which you can find in jewellery shops.

While planning your wedding, you need to take care of a million things so that everything turns out perfectly. Due to the fact that you and your significant other are stressed about all of these arrangements, you forget to pay attention to the actual items that you will be left after the event is finished. Obviously, you will enjoy a few very interesting gifts that were offered to you by your guests. However, when it comes to items that you will use for the rest of your life, wedding rings come to mind.

Many couples postpone this task as much as possible because they believe that they have enough time to get the rings that they like right away. The problem is that there are countless designs that you can choose from. So, if you do not already have an idea about how you would prefer your wedding ring to look like, you will probably feel overwhelmed the first time you visit a jewellery shop. Also, you might risk opting for rings that everyone has on their fingers.

If you want to avoid this type of situation, you should look into custom rings. You can invest in custom wedding rings and make sure that no one else is going to have the same design. This means that your rings are unique and that they make your commitment seem even more special. Another interesting fact that you should know about custom rings is that you have the option of choosing a simple, yet interesting design, while your significant other can go for a rather extravagant ring.

As long as you will find the right professionals, they will be able to deliver your custom wedding rings in a timely manner. Keep in mind the fact that a custom design might take longer than if you were to buy standard wedding rings. So, it would be best to look for the rings that you will wear for the rest of your life ahead of time. You should opt for a custom design if you want your wedding band to look amazing, unique and to show a little bit of your personal taste.

Why Invest in Custom Diamond Jewelry

If you are thinking about surprising your significant other by offering her custom diamond jewelry, such as one of the most beautiful engagement rings, it might be a good idea to look for a proper shop. This way, you can be certain of the fact that the end result of their work is going to be better than you have imagined. The right professionals are going to offer you the chance to come up with your own ideas and purchase the ring that will definitely impress your loved one.

One of the reasons why you should want to invest in this type of jewelry is the fact that it will come in her exact size. This means that when you put the ring on her finger, you know for sure that it is going to fit perfectly. It will not be too loose or too tight and she will not have to take it off ever again. If you think about it, finding a ring that will fit your loved one can be extremely challenging. Best case scenario – you come across the perfect ring. However, there are times when you purchase a ring that she can not place on her finger.

This is definitely going to turn into a rather awkward situation. The good news is that you can avoid all that if you do not just look at random engagement rings, but invest in custom diamond jewelry instead. Another reason why you should want to opt for this type of jewelry is the fact that you can come up with whatever design you want and the right professionals are going to turn it into reality. In fact, they will first show you a preview so that you know exactly what the ring will look like before you order it.

At this point, you have the option of modifying the design so that the end result is going to be more gorgeous than you expected it to be. When it comes to engagement rings, you can not afford to go wrong. The choice that you make is going to show your loved one just how much you know her, know about her personal style and care about her. If you just purchase the first ring that you stumble upon, she will not be impressed. Despite the fact that the ring is not the most important part of your lives, it symbolises you feelings for each other and your commitment.

That is exactly why you should opt for custom diamond jewelry that will make your significant other feel that you are soul mates. Fortunately, all you have to do is to find a proper design and a reliable professional that will make all of your wishes come true.

Pre-Wedding Planning Tips For Make Unforgettable Event

Everybody wants to make his or her marriage extraordinary. They want to celebrate the function in such a manner that it will be remembered for ages. Planning to make any occasion unforgettable is a very challenging task and when it comes to marriage it means a whole lot of entertainment with new and creative ideas which should leave a good unforgettable marriage memories in everyone’s mind for the life time.

To make your marriage unforgettable pre planning is must, here are few ideas for pre -wedding planning

Wedding planner

Professional wedding planners are getting popular with couples these days. A wedding Planner presents an entire range of wedding entertainment assistance, and they choose and book professional performers on your behalf that would suit the theme of your wedding and the other functions. From venue to menu, location to decoration, bridal attire to jai mala, the wedding planner takes care of the minutest details as per your wishes and budget and lets you enjoy your special moment. FNP Weddings are a one-stop-shop for all your wedding requirements. Their professional team will assist and guide you at every step and provide you with some of the best ideas for executing a perfect Indian wedding in the best affordable manner.

Theme party

The most recent trend that has come in fashion to make a wedding ceremony special is a ‘theme wedding concept’. Basically, a theme wedding is arranging and execution every aspect of a wedding based on a particular theme. Though this trend is new in India but is rapidly gaining popularity and making marriages memorable ones. Fnp weddings, one of the leading event management firms, have long been associated with good quality wedding and event arrangements. They provide the best personalized service solutions as per your needs and wishes to make your event memorable.


Entertainment and events include many ideas like a dance troupe, DJ/Sound music, live artists/orchestra, regional/traditional/folk dance.

Go Green

Now-a-days groom and bride are planning green weddings in the form of invitations. Look for tree-free papers, or even sustainably harvested wood-veneers on which to print your invites.

3D Invitation

Gone are the days for the flat card in an envelope. Today is the era of three dimensional invitations, with pocket-folds, boxes, and trappings.

Food and drinks

Food is an integral part of any wedding occasion. Most guests state a wedding to be good, if they had great food. Hence the wedding feast has to be given special attention. As the catering bill is one of the largest expenses of a wedding budget, the role of the wedding caterer is highly important during the marriage. FNP weddings will assist you in your wedding preparations by selecting a suitable wedding caterer for your special occasion.

Wedding website

Create your wedding website with gorgeous designs; drag n drop editing, pushpin maps, unlimited photos, guest comments, music videos, and your love story.

Marriages are made in heaven, but are made unforgettable on earth by FNP weddings, which provide wedding planning services right from inception till the end of the event.

What Qualities Should Wedding Photographers In Ireland Have?

Wedding is one of the most special occasions that we love to cherish and recall in the future. Remembering the wedding day brings us many memories of our loved ones, family and friends, and those tiniest details that we wished could be brought to life once again. By clicking beautiful photographs of your wedding day, you can be able to preserve the good times spent with your loved ones.

You should get in touch with a professional weddingphotographer who has complete confidence in his work and capturing every special moment of the special day! There are many studios in Ireland having wedding photographers promising to gift you the best moments of your wedding in the form of photographs to see repeatedly in the future to re-live those moments.

Selecting weddingphotographers in Ireland can be a daunting task. However, there are some easy ways to find the best photographer for your D-day. Let’s go through the points.

1. Find how many years of experience the photographer has in taking weddingphotographs
You must be clear about the level of expertise your wedding photographer in Ireland has. It is better not to hire a novice photographer or he/she may ruin your weddingphotographs. It is only an experienced photographer who has the right knowledge of light and shade and when to take the best photo without disturbing the couple. Konrad Kubic is a freelance photographer who is experienced in taking stunning weddingphotographs.

2. Eye for good photography
A good wedding photographer should have an eye for detail and should be proficient in taking a quality photograph. Konrad Kubic has an extensive knowledge of clicking photographs that show the special moments of your life in a realistic manner.

3. Using advanced equipment
Professional wedding photographers in Ireland should own a good camera and also use various digital and classic techniques to flawlessly capture all special moments. Konrad uses a good camera to take photographs of commercial events like weddings, corporate and private occasions. He applies digital and classic techniques he feels best for an outstanding photographing experience.

4. Not charging crazy fees
You must employ a photographer who does not charge exorbitant fees. After all, wedding day preparations is a costly affair. Konrad Kubic can be a good value for money if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Ireland whose work will really stand out from the rest. He loves to take really “close up” image which makes every image different from the other with the tiniest of details clearly showing in each photograph. A good photographer will be able to capture the mood easily and clearly depict all emotions on your wedding day.

Emotional displays are spilt second occurrences and can be missed in a flash. It is only a truly professional photographer who will be able to capture the mood before it fades away. Best wedding photographs not only describe reality as is, but they select and study every movement and mood before taking the photograph.